Andrea Flexeder, Michael Petter and Helmut Seidl. Analysis of executables for WCET concerns. , 2008.

In this paper we present the results of our improved value analysis of modular integer arithmetic in order to obtain more precise information about memory accesses and the alignment of cache lines. This analysis was developed, implemented and evaluated within the SuReal project. The aim was improving WCET computation by extending the value analysis in the WCET analyser aiT by modulus information and linear relations between processor registers and memory locations. This relational information allows for at least alignment information and hints about the cache hit rate if no concrete value information about processor registers and memory locations is available. The focus of this paper is on drawing a comparison between the value analysis without modulus information as is currently implemented in aiT and our improved value analysis by means of our benchmark suite. Concluding, the results inferred by the improved value analysis allow for a more precise and reliable check of alignment properties in the data cache, rendering WCET computation more precise.

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