Torben Hagerup, Arno Schmitt and Helmut Seidl. FORK: A High-Level Language for PRAMs. In Emile H. L. Aarts, Jan van Leeuwen and Martin Rem, editors, Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe, Volume 1, volume 505 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 304-320, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, June 1991. Springer.

We present a new programming language designed to allow the convenient expression of algorithms for a parallel random access machine (PRAM). The language attempts to satisfy two potentially conflicting goals: On the one hand, it should be simple and clear enough to serve as a vehicle for human-to-human communication of algorithmic ideas. On the other hand, it should be automatically translatable to efficient machine (i.e., PRAM) code, and it should allow precise statements to be made about the amount of resources (primarily time) consumed by a given program. In the sequential setting, both objectives are reasonably well met by the Algol-like languages, e.g., with the RAM as the underlying machine model, but we are not aware of any language that allows a satisfactory expression of typical PRAM algorithms. Our contribution should be seen as a modest attempt to fill this gap.

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