Helmut Seidl and Vesal Vojdani. Region Analysis for Race Detection. In Jens Palsberg and Zhendong Su, editors, Static Analysis, volume 5673 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 171-187, Los Angeles, CA, USA, August 2009. Springer.

Automatic race detection of C programs requires fast, yet sufficiently precise analysis of dynamic memory. Therefore, we present a region-based pointer analysis which seeks to identify disjoint regions of dynamically allocated objects to ensure that write accesses to the same region are always protected by the same mutexes. Our approach has been implemented within the interprocedural analyzer of concurrent C programs GobLint and we have successfully applied it on code from the Linux kernel, such as the access vector cache. This code relies on a synchronized hash table where an array of doubly linked lists is protected by an array of locks.

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