Peter Ziewer and Helmut Seidl. Transparent teleteaching. In Andy Williamson, Cathy Gunn, Alison Young and Tony Clear, editors, Winds of Changing in the Sea of Learning, pages 749-758, Auckland, New Zealand, December 2002. UNITEC Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.

Today's teleteaching software restricts teaching in the way that it only supports a specific presentation application and a single platform. This is a major drawback and a reason why teleteaching is not that widespread as it could be. Therefore we have created a teleteaching environment, called TeleTeachingTool, which enables lecture recording and transmission to be done transparently to teaching. Our tool allows teachers to use arbitrary software including their preferred presentation tool running on their favorite platform. It combines desktop recording with real-time audio and video streams to a recordable and online presentable lecture. In this paper we will discuss the requirements of teleteaching, describe our teleteaching environment and compare it with other teaching software

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