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Welcome to CUP2 beta

This is a development version of the upcoming new CUP release! It will include

  • LR(0)
  • canonical LR(1)
  • LALR(1)
  • Pager-LR(1)

and a few other parsing kernels. It will feature a pure-Java syntax and supports a modular object oriented architecture, advanced error handling, symbol region information and a more sophisticated ANT-task, and last but not least: Finally Unit-Tests for the components.

The most recent documentation document can be found  here

You can obtain the recent sources via

git clone

CUP2 is  Zlib-licenced

Current status: We managed to implement

  • LR-Table-Parsing-Driver
  • LR(0)/LR(1)/LALR(1) engines
  • Serialisiation of parsetable
  • JFlex-CUP2 patch
  • Productive and unreachable nonterminal optimisation
  • Grammar-Specification API
  • ANT-task
  • Token completion
  • preliminary documentation
  • random word generator
  • Implemented context propagation links
  • Automated conflict examples
  • Parallelized automaton generation algorithms via threadpool
  • specialised algorithm for First/Follow?-Sets based on strongly connected components

Still to do:

  • feed JFlex-patch back
  • CUP1toCUP2
  • typeinference instead of declaring SymbolValue?<XXX>-class
  • Pager-LR(1)
  • Refactor unary productions automatically
  • Enhanced Profiling and optimisation of parsing engines
  • Attribute grammars and attribute evaluation
  • LL(k) or LL(*) generators
  • JFlex-API interface