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Programming Languages

Dozent:Dr. Michael Petter & Dr. Axel Simon
Ort/Zeit:Lecture MI Hörsaal 2, Wednesday 14:15-15:45, Tutorials Friday 10:00-11:00
Beschreibung:    We are discussing various advanced programming paradigms illustrated by a number of real programming languages such as e.g. Smalltalk, Java, C/C++ and others.


  1. Memory Barriers: slides
  2. Wait-Free, Locking, Monitors: slides
  3. Transactional Memory, Message Passing: slides

Object-Oriented Systems

  1. Dynamic Dispatching: slides
  2. Multiple-Inheritance slides
  3. Mixins slides
  4. Traits slides
  5. Prototypes slides
  6. Aspect Orientation slides
  7. Generics & Templates

Teleteaching Recordings

can be found here.

Tutorial Sessions

There is a moodle page containing all exercise sheets.



Passing the exam of this course is worth 5 ECTS.

This information might not be up-to-date.

  1. Exam: There will be only one exam at the end of the semester
  2. Exam: you are allowed to bring one DIN A4 sheet of paper with notes on both sides
  3. Exam: in case you did not pass, you have the opportunity to take "Compiler Construction" or "Virutal Machines" next term or alternatively repeat the exam next winter

Administrative information can be found here.

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