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Dr. Alexander Herz

Name:Dr. Alexander Herz

Die private Homepage ist über den folgenden Link erreichbar: http://www2.in.tum.de/funky

Publications of Alexander Herz

Journal Articles

The following articles appeared in peer-reviewed journals. The copyright of these articles lies with the respective journals.

  1. Dominik Horinek, Alexander Herz, Lubos Vrbka, Felix Sedlmeier, Shavkat I. Mamatkulov and Roland R. Netz. Specific ion adsorption at the air/water interface: The role of hydrophobic solvation. Chemical Physics Letters, 479(4–6):173 - 183, 2009.

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Conference Papers

The following papers were published in peer-reviewed conferences. The copyright of these papers lies with the respective publishers.

  1. Alexander Herz and Kalmer Apinis. Class-Modular, Class-Escape and Points-to Analysis for Object-Oriented Languages. In Alwyn Goodloe and Suzette Person, editors, NASA Formal Methods, volume 7226 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 106-119, 2012. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg.

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