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Ferienakademie 2015

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Course 1
Xtreme Coders Camp



Javier Esparza
Helmut Seidl,

Technische Universität München

Stefan Wagner,

University Stuttgart

Jan-Peter Ostberg,

University Stuttgart

Michael Petter
Michael Petter,

Technische Universität München

Course details


  • The Course will take pace in Sarntal September 20th to October 2nd 2015
  • Talks can be given in German or English
  • The deadline for applications is May 10th
  • Munich preparational meeting slides

Short Description

In the progress of the course we will implement two small tools for working with a small language. At the moment we plan e.g. the development of an Eclipse Plugin for Alice ML. The development will be in two SCRUM based teams. We will provide the roles of SCRUM-Master and product owner so the participants are able to experience agile development with the help of experienced guides. Additionally we want the participants of the course to make themselves familiar with SCRUM and the agile ideas, so the first days will be filled with short talks of the participants on topics like:

  • Roles in SCRUM
  • Activities in SCRUM
  •  Artifacts of SCRUM and User Stories
  •  Agile estimation
  • Test-driven development
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Pair-programming
  •  ...



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