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Sommersemester 17

Automata Theory 2
Dozent:Prof. Dr. Helmut Seidl
Ort/Zeit:Seminar Room 02.07.014, Thur. 10-12, Exercises Room 01.07.014, Wed. 9:30-11
Beschreibung:    Advanced automata models for program analysis and XML processing.
Compiler Construction I
Dozent:Dr. Michael Petter
Ort/Zeit:00.13.009A Thursdays 14:15-15:45
Beschreibung:    Introduction to Compilerconstruction - how to translate an imperative language.
Virtuelle Maschinen
Dozent:Prof. Dr. Helmut Seidl
Ort/Zeit:Room 00.13.009A, Mon. 10-12 and Tue. 10-12
Beschreibung:    Virtual Machines and Translation of Programming languages, such as C, Prolog and a functional language.
Lab Course Cobol & Eclipse
Dozent:Dr. Michael Petter
Ort/Zeit:Seminarraum 02.07.034 in a block of 20 days
ModulNummer:IN0012, IN2106, IN4018
Beschreibung:    We will integrate a Cobol Frontend into Eclipse to come up with semantical analyses on Cobol Code.
C++ Tomorrow
Dozent:Nico Hartmann
Ort/Zeit:Final Presentations: June 7 & 8, 2017
ModulNummer:IN0014, IN2107
Beschreibung:    In this seminar we will discuss the ongoing evolution of the C++ programming language.
The Rust Programming Language
Dozent:Julian Kranz
Beschreibung:    Proseminar
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