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Lab Course Cobol & Eclipse

Dozent:Dr. Michael Petter
Ort/Zeit:Seminarraum 02.07.034 in a block of 20 days
ModulNummer:IN0012, IN2106, IN4018
Beschreibung:    We will integrate a Cobol Frontend into Eclipse to come up with semantical analyses on Cobol Code.

Preparatory Meeting

Planned for Monday, January 30th, at 14:00 in MI 02.07.034


This lab course will be carried out consolidated during the summer lecture term: Select a convenient date!


Ideally, participants in this course should be familiar with the basics of compiler construction as tought in IN2227 and have profund skills in Java development. As resources, we have several prepared packages:

  1. A Cobol tutorial
  2. Common Language Protocol


In this lab course, we will improve a Java based Cobol parser, and perpare it for integration into an IDE (Eclipse Che, MS Visual Studio Code) as well as in standalone console tools. With this plugin, we want to create tools to facilitate practical tasks in program development and maintenance. Recurring practical tasks comprise

  • Parsing challenges
    • Verbose COBOL grammar
    • COPYBOOK Inclusion
  • Integration into an IDE (Eclipse Che / VS Code) via Language Server Protocol
    • Location Management
    • navigation in code
    • error management
    • Highlight syntactical features
  • Facilities for processing and querying properties of the syntax tree
    • E.g. "Iterate all subtrees with a certain property"
    • E.g. XPath like AST branch traversal
    • E.g. AST Matchers like Clang
    • E.g. pre/postorder DFS with Visitors

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