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Compiler Construction - Eclipse & CUP

Dozent:Dr. Michael Petter
Ort/Zeit:02.07.034 Seminar room, en bloque
ModulNummer:IN2106 & IN0012
Beschreibung:    We improve the CUP Eclipse plugin


This lab course will be carried out consolidated during the winter lecture holidays. The exact timing will be determined with a doodle survey.


Participants in this course should be familiar with the foundations of compiler construction as tought in IN2227 and have profund skills in Java development.


In this lab course, we will extend the basic implementation of the CUP Eclipse Plugin. We will enhance the already existing framework by several means:

  1. Transform LR(k>1) grammars into LR(1) grammars automatically
  2. Introduce Wizards for common Grammar-Patterns and dealing with Conflict-Patterns
  3. Integrate support  for JFlex source files into the CUP plugin
    1. highlight JFlex files
  4. Introduce new views like
    1. First(k)-computation for current grammar
  5. Create Content assistants for CUP/JFlex files
    1. Template for lists
    2. Template for separated lists
    3. Template for action code
  6. Create Refactoring tools for Grammar transformations
    1. warning/removing unproductive nonterminals
    2. warning/removing unreachable nonterminals
    3. refactoring right recursion to left recursion

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