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Program Synthesis

Dozent:Anastasiia Izycheva
Ort/Zeit:Intro: Monday, February 5th, 14.00; Room 02.07.34
ModulNummer:IN0014, IN2107
Beschreibung:    During the seminar we will touch the surface of the current research on program synthesis. We will see several applications and learn about techniques used to generate code automatically.

UPD2: Another inspirational paper is attached - survey paper by Sumit Gulwani "Dimensions in Program Synthesis", PPDP 2010

UPD: Thank you for your applications! We are pleased to see such a high interest in the topic! 

To keep the format of a seminar as intended and to be able to dedicate enough time for supervision of every participant we have to limit amount of spots.  Unfortunately it means, that we won't be able to accept all of you. Don't get upset and be sure to check other courses given by our chair members ;)


The paper I mentioned on the introductory meeting is attached below. Again, you don't need to read it completely (also a part of it is about reactive synthesis, that we do not cover in this seminar), this overview is to help you group the papers under one topic. 

Introductory meeting: Monday, February 5th at 14.00; Room 02.07.34

Who: Master Students, advanced Bachelor students are welcome as well.

Language: The seminar will be held in English.

Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites, but the words "formal methods", "verification", "search space" etc. should not scare you but rather inspire :) 

Structure: Is still work in process. The seminar will for sure include reading, summarising, reviewing and analysing research papers. If you haven't done that before, no worries, I will give you some hints on how to proceed.

Topics: TBA


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