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Course 1
Der Sarntaler - eine digitale Währung für die Ferienakademie



Javier Esparza
Helmut Seidl,

Technische Universität München

Dominique Schroeder
Dominique Schroeder,

FA Universität Erlangen

Michael Petter
Michael Petter,

Technische Universität München

Course details


  • The Course will take pace in Sarntal September 23th to October 05th 2018
  • Course Language is German or English, by demand
  • The deadline for applications is May

Short Description

In the progress of the course we will extend a basic open source blockchain-based coin system, labchain, by advanced features. This may or may not include, depending on participants preferences and skil level:

  • A script language for labchain
  • Proof-of-Stake consensus for labchain
  • Redactable blockchain functionality for Labchain
  • Certified coins functionality
  • Sharding technique for scalability
  • Mining pools (Pool Manager + distribute shares)
  •  ...

We will work on this project in the form of a code camp, students programming together with advisors. The project is written in Python.

Prior to the course in Sarntal, we will probably give an introduction to python, with a few exercises for those of you, who do not yet program Python, while You will prepare a short topic in the vicinity of blockchain technology.


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