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Wintersemester 18/19

Programming Languages
Dozent:Prof. Dr. Helmut Seidl, Dr. Michael Petter
Beschreibung:    We are discussing various advanced programming paradigms illustrated by a number of real programming languages such as e.g. Smalltalk, Java, C/C++ and others.
Functional Programming and Verification
Dozent:Prof. Dr. Helmut Seidl
Ort/Zeit:Friday, 08:15 - 09:45 / MW 0001 Gustav-Niemann-Hörsaal
Beschreibung:    This lecture introduces the basic concepts of functional programming by the example of the OCaml language. Furthermore, techniques to prove properties of imperative and functional programs are taught.
Practical Course - Program Optimization with LLVM
Dozent:Dr. Michael Petter
Ort/Zeit:as a block course
ModulNummer:IN2106, IN0012
Beschreibung:    We integrate an own optimization pass into LLVM's opt tool.
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