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Dr. Alexandru Berlea

Name:Dr. Alexandru Berlea

Publications of Alexandru Berlea

Journal Articles

The following articles appeared in peer-reviewed journals. The copyright of these articles lies with the respective journals.

  1. Alexandru Berlea and Helmut Seidl. Binary Queries for Document Trees. Nord. J. Comput., 11(1):41-71, 2004.

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Conference Papers

The following papers were published in peer-reviewed conferences. The copyright of these papers lies with the respective publishers.

  1. Sebastian Maneth, Alexandru Berlea, Thomas Perst and Helmut Seidl. XML type checking with macro tree transducers. In Chen Li, editor, Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART, pages 283-294, Baltimore, Maryland, June 2005. ACM.

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  2. Alexandru Berlea and Helmut Seidl. Binary Queries. Extreme Markup Languages, Montréal, Quebec, Canada, August 2002.

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