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Welcome to VAM - Visualisation of Abstract Machines

Master's Thesis by Dr. Peter Ziewer

Short Description

  1. Download recent version 2.05 of from
  1. Unpack Zip archive containing

  • vam.jar : Java classes and sources
  • examples: example programs for various machines
  1. Start:
    • java.bat (Windows) or
    • (Linux) or
    • java -jar vam.jar
  1. Select machine (optional):
    • selection of machine is automatically deduced from the file extension or
    • manually selection through menue "VAM -> Select Machine"
  1. Select program:
    • "Program" button or
    • menue "VAM -> Open Program ..."
  1. Download sources:
svn checkout

Known Bugs

  • The move-instruction of the CMA/CMM does not work properly due to a bug in the new memory management.

Workaround: Activate the old memory management by starting the VAM system with the option -stackbound 0.

Command (e.g., in bat/sh-file): java -jar vam.jar -stackbound 0.