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Welcome to VoTUM - a framework to implement and visualize data flow analyses

VoTUM stands for Visualization of optimizations at the Technical University of Munich

The framework consists of a frontend to generate Control Flow Graphs (CFG) from C source code or PowerPC disassemblies and a runtime to execute intraprocedural or interprocedural data flow analyses. The GUI displays the layouted CFGs and also animates the process of the analysis on the graphs. You can walk through an analysis step by step or set breakpoints and it lets you inspect each node and edge in the CFG similar to a debugger. In addition a detailed HTML report of the analysis run is generated that provides more information about the results of each analysis step.
The existent API to implement data flow analyses is based on iterative fixpoint algorithms and lattice theory as taught in the lectures on  Program Optimization at the  Department for languages in Computer Science of the  Technical University of Munich. Nevertheless the plugin based architecture is flexible enough to permit other implementations of analysis algorithms. It is even possible to add another intermediate representation (IR) for the CFGs suiting better your analysis' requirements while still benefiting from the available algorithms and their animation within the GUI.


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